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Great idea

Quite useful for me. I have to use same username/passwords for different site, with texeeder now i can easily add my credentials and also no need to remember my credentials for those sites which i am not frequently using...👍👍



Better than text expander

I was using text expander app from last couple of weeks. When i download texeeder i find this app better than text expander. Below are few reasons why i like this: 1. Design: It has simple design and sober UI than text expander, which i like most. 2. Security: Texeeder claims it uses AES encryption which means my snippets are more secure. 3. Price: Texeeder is FREE to download so you can actually first test and experience the working before paying any money. 4. Keyboard: No doubt, text expander keyboard is sometimes horrible while texeed keyboard is far better. 5. Use of credentials: Using texeeder keyboard with username and password field is just awesome. Everyone like this. So, why 4 star? In free version i can add only 3 snippets. If they update this to at least 5, definitely a 5 star app.


10 stars if you give at least 10 texeeds in lite version.


I have used similar kind of apps but using this with login of other apps, make this app utility far better than others.


I like only few apps when it comes to productivity and utility. This is totally worth app.

Love this app

Simple interface, easy to add notes and keys. This app is perfect in every sense for users like me who have short-memory problem ;) and forget there username-passwords quickly :P :P

Useful App

After using only 1 day, this app become my favourite. Very useful.

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